About LV Print Center

LV Print Center is a Local Union and Non-Union Print Shop dedicated to satisfying our customers with all of their printing and design needs. We have been serving the Lehigh Valley for over 5 years, with a staff of professional graphic designers with years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on bringing your ideas to life in a big way. From business cards, brochures, flyers and corporate print needs to large-format banners, yard signs, signage and any substrate that can be printed on. LV Print Center can take care of all your politcal work. We get your jobs out out on time, your deadlines are our deadlines. We are a licensed AFL-CIO Union shop, authorized to display our Communications Workers of America Label on all of our products. With our Union logo your print work will stand out. 

If the Union Label is important

to you, please read this carefully.


The unauthorized use of a union label is a serious legal matter. To protect your campaign or company, we recommend you request a current union licensing agreement from anyone being considered as a resource for union materials. LV Print Center is happy to supply you with ours. We look forward to serving you.


LV Print Center is an AFL-CIO Union shop, authorized to display this Communications Workers of America Label on all of its products. With Lehigh Valley Print Center, you get a printer with a LICENSED UNION LABEL.