Lehigh Valley Local Union Print Shop

Man working on printing press — Design in Allentown, PA
Printer on work — Design in Allentown, PA
Young man printing signs — Design in Allentown, PA
Do you need printing, design, or political work? LV Print Center is a locally owned, full service, commercial printing company. We are the only union company in Lehigh Valley with an experienced team of designers that are available to help you with the creation of your design. LV Print Center provides both Offset and Digital Printing paired with a variety of print services. To sum it up: if the material is paper, we can print it. We can supply signs, business cards and much more for local politicians or newsletters, magazines or calendars for the office. Whatever you need at an affordable price! Call us today to get your design underway! (610) 435-0313
To add on to the vast paper printing services, LV Print Center recently acquired Harkin's Signs. In result, banners, interior/exterior signs, vehicle signs, and more are now available to you! Take your business or occupation to the next level with beautifully crafted signs and paper print with LV Print Center. We will work with you until the look you want is customized exactly to your needs.

Your Local One-Stop Shop For Union and Non-Union Printing

  • Variable Data Printing
  • Direct Mail Production
  • Targeted Mailings
  • Digital and Offset Printing
  • Layout & Design
  • Business Cards & Letterhead
  • Brochures & Flyers
  • Booklets & Newsletters
  • Presentation Materials
  • Postcards & Rack Cards
  • Indoor/Outdoor Signs & Banners
  • Posters & Yard Signs
  • NCR Carbonless Forms
  • Scanning/Digital Color
  • Silkscrenned Apparel
  • Promotional Items

Choosing between Offset and Digital Printing Offset Printing

Large Run Printing, Larger Format Sizes, Specialized Colors and Finishes
Offset printing has changed little since the original steam powered offset press was first developed in 1906. It involves a process of applying layers of ink to paper with a series of rollers. Each roller has its own specified ink – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – or CMYK. As each of these rollers pass over the page, they transfer ink and build layers of colors. This results in complete images and text on the page. Additionally, they specialize in colors called Pantones or PMS colors that can be added to the layout if needed.
Offset presses can print PMS and utilize gloss and mate varnishes for additional texture. Multiple press “heads” allow for an infinite array of colors and printing techniques.

Digital Printing

Short Run Printing, Variable Data, Fast Turnaround Times
Digital printing eliminates the numerous steps involved in the offset printing process, for example creating films and plates for ink rollers. Most digital presses today apply ink in a single pass from a single ink head, similar to common inkjet printers found in homes or offices.

Many different considerations will determine which method is best, such as quantity, timing, and size of the printed piece. Offset printing is commonly used for higher quantity, larger format jobs while digital printing is best applied to smaller format, lesser quantity print runs. LV Print Center's production department takes all these variables and more into consideration to determine the best possible printing method.
Offset printing press — Design in Allentown, PA